Caffeine brings negative results to pregnancy; infertility problems in females

According to a latest research it is found that those women who consume more amount of caffeine are linked with the problem of  infertility.

The researches says that consuming tea or coffee can reduce the fertility in women because of the caffeine present in them.It is a crystalline compound that is found in tea or coffee plants and is a stimulant of central nervous system.

Actually The caffeine decreases the  muscles actions of the tubal that picks up eggs from the ovary and supports fertilization and early embryo development and transport it to the uterus.

The research was tested on mice and proved that these types of beverages are harmful for women,they brings negative results about their pregnancies.

The women who drinks more tea and coffee have less chances of conceiving that those who don’t.They can drinks these beverages but in a limited way.

This caffeine discontinue or hinders the movement of the eggs which is then unable to reach in uterus.It is a proved experiment therefore there are no chances of ignoring the fact.The article is being published in the British journal or Pharmacology.


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