5 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease

The early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease vary from person to person.It is a physical disease which effect the brain resulting in loss in memory,impaired thinking and behaviour.It is important to know about the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease so that it can be controlled and prevented as the person ages.

Alzheimer’s disease can be easily treated if you track the disease at its early stage and take vital actions to prevent it from proliferating.

The 5 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease are:

1) Memory changes that effect life- The most common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is forgetting the information or the things around them after a certain period of time.Other sign include forgetting the day, date and frequently asking the same thing again and again.

2) Difficulty in planning and solving problems- Some people finds difficulty to develop and follow a particular plan or work especially in case of numbers.They experience problem in handling the logical aspect of any task.Also the person may find difficulty on concentrating  or doing one thing for longer period of time.

3)Confusion with place and time- People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease  find difficulty tracking the time,dates and months.Sometime the person also get confused about where they are and where they have to go from there.

4)Problem in speaking new words or writing them- People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease have difficulty in mingling in some type conversation.They find problem in continuing the conversation or any talk and often they stop in the middle of it.They have to struggle to find the appropriate word or even call certain things with their wrong name.

5)Change in mood- The early stage of Alzheimer’s disease is often accompanied by change in mood and personality.The person can be bewildered, depressed, anxious or fearful when they are at work, with family or friends or the place where they are uncomfortable.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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