Health risks of placing laptops on lap

Whenever you work on laptop you place it on your laps especially while watching TV, or sitting in the park, all that happens is that it gets quite hot.Laptop when placed on the lap is harmful because it can actually harm your skin.The intense heat that is released from the laptops causes health hazards both to the men and women in many ways.Putting laptops on lap results in bad posture too.

Main health problems/risks of placing laptops on lap are:

1)Fertility problems-Studies conducted at the State University of New York showed that placing laptops on lap results in unhealthy sperms production in males.The heat released by the laptop adversely effects the testicles, as the temperature of testicles and the scrotal increases to harmful degree which lowers the production of sperms count, thus causing sterility.

2)Pregnancy risks-  The radiation emitted from the laptops creates a lot of hazards for the pregnant women.According to the research conducted at Radiation Answers showed that the amount of  radiation released causes no very less harm,but still doctors recommend pregnant women to avoid using laptops on their laps.

3)Skin burns- Overheating phenomenon of laptops can cause burns on the skin of the user.Working for hours on the laptop causes a discoloured patchy skin.Prolonged hours of working can develop a syndrome called Toasted Skin Syndrome.If you work on laptop for long hours on your lap it could result in redness and pigmentation of the skin.It causes inactive blood circulation at that area and later develops patchy striped erythema leaving a pigmentation.

4)Bad posture- While you put laptop on your lap, you unintentionally increases your problem of bad posture.This may not be regarded as a serious problem but if it is ignored it could cause serious problem to the spine and neck portion of your body in near future.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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