Avoid drinking water between meals

Drinking water between meals can be hazardous for health.Water in between the meals disturbs the digestive powers and  changes the level of insulin in the body.

Microbiotic counselor Shonali Sabherwal says that Water intake during meals can become problematic for the health and it causes difficulty in  the process of digestion of food.Drinking water in the middle of the meal  interfere with the digestive enzymes.Liquids during meals dilutes the stomach acids and digestive enzymes, which are essential to break down and absorb nutrients.

Since, it is difficult to break down the food stomach produces more acids and results in acid reflux.The whole process puts pressure on the walls of the intestines,causing further problem.

Drinking lots of water during means also alter the level of insulin.Water makes blood sugar to increase faster and as a result insulin is also secreted at faster rate.The more insulin is released the more fat is stored in body.

In order to avoid this problem the counselor suggests that the food you eat should be less salty and eat your food very calmly chewing every bit of food to make sure,not to put excessive pressure on the stomach.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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