Practice Suryanamaskar to lose weight

Suryanamaskar is the name of yoga refers to Surya means sun and Namaskar means salutation.Suryanamaskar is the popular asan  that detoxifies, massages and stimulates each and every organ of the body.It is the best way to stretch and warm up the body.

Suryanamaskar is also very helpful in reducing weight without undergoing the harsh dieting  plan.There are enormous benefits of suryanamaskar.It improves your posture and strengthen the muscles,and improves the mental strength.

People suffering from backache,slip disk and arthritis need to consult the doctor first to practice Suryanamaskar.The proper way to do suryanamasakr is to follow the whole steps of cycle properly again and again.

Suryanamaskar loosens all the joints and activates the entire system of the body.The essential feature of suryanamaskar are:

Breathing-Surya namaskar consists of inhaling and exhaling of breathe.It is doing in a natural way without any pressure or force.

Mantras-Each posture of surya namaskar is associated with a particular mantra.Mantra do not posses any special meaning but the vibes of mantra should reach each organ of the body.

Relaxation-Suryanamaskar relaxes the entire body .It should be done while completing all the asana of surya namaskar.

Body posture-All the asans of Surya namaskar corresponds to different postures,and all the postures should be practiced properly to have an everlasting effect.

The continuous breathing moment of suryanamaskar makes your mind relaxed and peaceful.Suryanamaskar is an another form of meditation.Suryanamaskar helps in reducing weight, anger,depression and stress.It is the best way to start the day wit a fresh mood.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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