Balanced weight control by tea:black & green tea help in weight loss

Weight loss seems to be a tough job? if yes,here is a good news for those who do not want to limit their taste buds and still wants to be slim. 

According to a latest research it is found that those who are engaged in regular tea drinking prevent the development of fatty acids which arises due to oily food.This fatty acid can also cause diabetics according to the researches. This experiment is proved on some mice when some of them were given high fat meals while others were given a normal diet.One group consumed black tea and other green tea for half month.

Both the tea showed a tremendous result in weight loss and decrease in building of fatty acids which helps in weight reduction. It was found out that the black tea reduced the bad effect on the blood against high fat meal i.e junk foods. Other better results such as normal cholesterol level,controlled blood pressure and diabetics control were also seen.

The experiment was successful and it is proved that those who regularly drinks tea controls their weight gain in an appropriate manner.

The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication”

1 thought on “Balanced weight control by tea:black & green tea help in weight loss

  1. If someone is serious about losing weight, even though he/she should not expect the pounds to melt off as some will claim, I still definitely do recommend green tea as a complement to a sound nutrition and exercise regime, not only for the slight metabolism boost it will give you, but more importantly for the many other documented health benefits. This is in short tea can control your weight. Thank you for your informative post.

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