Male Infertility Test : New test proposed for male infertility

A new test for male infertility has been proposed by Northern Ireland’s Queen’s University Belfast which not only saves time but also money for many couples around the globe.

The new invention of the medical called SpermCopmet test has been derived from many years research and examination by Professor Sheena Lewis who is the leading head of Reproductive Medicine Research group at Queen’s.SpermComet give the result that no other test could give in very less time.

The test enables measurement of damaged DNA in an individual sperm.Lewis saysOne in six couples has difficulty in having a family.In 40% cases , the problems are related to the man.Until now, there have been few accurate ways of measuring a man’s fertility.”

She further says “Traditionally, the diagnosis of male infertility has relied on semen analysis.This provides the basic information on which fertility specialists base their initial diagnosis.”

SpermComet test has its name because it looks just like a comet in the sky, where the head of the comet is undamaged DNA and tail is the damaged DNA.SpermComet test is the most sensitive test of its kind and helps in testing a good quality sperm DNA which results in pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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