Ban on using cartoons to promote junk food

According to an obesity control association the use of cartoon characters are increasing day by day to fascinate children towards unhealthy junk food with the result an Australian health organization has appealed for a ban on such advertisements that are a major cause of deteriorating children’s health.

Food toys
Food toys

The association requested the government to ban such uses of cartoon characters like paddle pop lion and frogs, which attract children towards unhealthy food. Children force their parents to buy junk food in order to grab the cartoon toys that ultimately results in diseases and illness.

The association tried to point out that cartoon characters are the general reason that draws children’s attention towards the calorific food and beverages and now the companies are even advertising their online games, apps, movies and various medias to sponsor their junk food products.

Many companies like Nutria-grain and McDonald offer various offers to children like their happy meal combo which seems to be very delicious and in addition a free toy with that, all these campaigns are resulting in childhood obesity.

Food toys2

Different characters and colorful products have especially designed for children to grab their attention ignoring their health issues, which is a great thing of concern. It is the duty of parents to control their children and take care of their food habits.

The packed and colorful food may seem to be delicious and easy to get but it contains all those factors that can negatively affect your child’s health. Unless and until there is no check on these advertisements it is the sole duty of the parents to take care of their child’s food habits.

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