Coffee good for health

Coffee from a very long time held responsible for many harms towards health like it stops body growth or it is the major cause of heart disease and cancer. Take a look what is indicated by the recent research in favor of coffee consumption.

coffee consumptions

There is a good news for coffee lovers as according to a latest research coffee is not that bad for health at it is considered since a long time. Most of the people have benefited from coffee consumption and claimed it to be beneficial or health.

Even the study found no relationship between coffee and increased threat of cancer or any heart disease. The truth is that that those who are chain smokers or are associated with zero physical activities tends to get negatively affected with high coffee consumptions.

However, there are very little risks connected with coffee like consumption of unfiltered coffee can result in mild changes in cholesterol levels. This study also revealed that coffee also contain various health benefits also like protection from liver cancer, type 2 diabetes and many more have a look below-

Health benefits of coffee

Coffee benefits
Coffee benefits

Long life span

It is found that drinking three or more cups of coffee a day is beneficial for long life span as those who consume coffee daily had 10 percent chances of living longer compared to those who do not consume coffee.

Increases memory power

According to the research it is discovered that those people who regularly consumes coffee had 65 percent less chances of having Alzheimer or memory loss problem in the later stages of life.

Reduces heart problems

Coffee is one of the heart healthy beverage which is very beneficial to protect various heart problems. It is found that moderate coffee drinkers had 20 percent lessĀ  risk of having heart problems compared to non coffee drinkers.

Medicine for depression

According to the study coffee is one of the best cure of depression problems as well. It is connected with low rate of depression both in men and women. Coffee lovers are at the lowest risk of having depression (that is 20 percent). The caffeine present in coffee controls mood during depression.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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