Be fit to prevent breast cancer

A new study has revealed breast cancer can be prevented by doing regular workouts.The study shows that women who are regularly engaged in daily workouts and exercise have less chances to develop breast cancer compared to women who are not active.

The study is  published in the European Journal of Cancer prevention.It says that women are in 40 percent less chances to die from breast cancer even if  they are suffering from the deadly disease.

Women who are going through chemotherapy should also exercise regularly in order to avoid weight gain associated with this type of treatment.Exercise also prvents the loss of bone due to this therapy.

Researchers says that healthy living make the immune system stronger to fight with the cancerous cells which are likely to divide very fast inside the breast tissue.

Daily intake of wine also increases the risk of developing breast cancer.The researchers believe that the alcohol content increases the level of oestrogen in women which aids in breast cancer.

It is always better to stay fit and healthy by exercising daily.Avoiding overeating and  and eliminating excess fats from your diet are the best ways to avoid any harmful disease.

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