Breastfed Your Baby For Their Better Behaviour

If you are going to deliver a baby soon then this is going to be a best tip for you that a breastfed baby better behaved in comparison to a bottle-fed baby. According to a new study that infants who are breastfed for at least 4  months, behaved better  than bottle-fed babies.

According to a research examined by Oxford University the health and behaviour of almost Ten thousands  mums &  their children for 5  years. They get that breastfed kids were more social by their 5th  birthday & 30 Pc less likely to be badly behaved.

Those who are bottle fed had problems including anxiety, lying, stealing and hyperactivity.

Its a advise for new mothers that breastfeed their babies for  4 or 6 months, so that their babies can protect against diseases like  stomach bugs, chest infections, asthma, eczema &  allergies . It is beneficial for health of mother & baby both.

The researchers find the difference in behaviour is  that the breast milk nutrients such as fatty acids boost the  growth of brain cells.


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