Troga- A new form of fitness yoga

Troga is a kind of yoga introduced recently. Troga is the combination of yoga and TRX. TRX is a resistance training which uses ropes and webbing. Troga is created by Lucas, who was a former rugby league player and has been teaching yoga from the past 5 years.


yoga and TRX
Troga- combination of Yoga/TRX

Troga is a form of yoga which is done by using a set of ropes and webbing attached to the ceiling.Body weight plays a very important role in Troga as it acts as a resistance while performing it.

Lucas started practicing yoga in the year 2010 when he had to run an ultra marathon of 100 kms. But the daily hard-work was not producing the proper results, what Lucas wanted.So someone suggested him to try yoga.

Lucas states that there was a time when he was not even able to touch his toes, but yoga and regular PT sessions from his trainer made him more mobile and free from injury.

Lucas, along with his trainer has decided to open Flow Athletic in Sydney’s Paddington to offer classes on the internet for rest of the people of the country.People in Australia  has started practicing Troga. Along with the regular sessions of Troga, Lucas has also planned to provide Bike-Asana(spin/yoga) classes to his students.

Bike-Asana is a very popular from of yoga among hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman.

The classes of Troga are open for people of all ages.Troga is one of the best kind of workout for an athlete to practice.Troga strengthens abdomen and works on joints and muscles.

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    My age is 25 but weight is 59-61 only.Can u help how to increase my weight in helthy way.


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