Top 5 yoga poses for good night sleep

Everybody wants a good night sleep.A long calm and peaceful sleep is something that money can not buy.People now a days are so busy in their professional life that they struggle to get a good night sleep.Yoga is the only technique which is the best way to cure your ruffled sleep and relieves your mind and body.

yoga for good night sleep
Yoga improves night sleep

Deep breathing exercises are the most effective way to improve your sleep at night .It not only soothes your mind but also releases the heavy tension from your mind which you carries all the day long.

Yoga postures to improve sleep at night

  • Savasana-

Savasna is the most simple yoga posture to improve your sleep.Lay down on your back on a mat.Put your hands and feet a little away from each other with palms facing upwards.Close your eyes and calms your body.Do it for about 5-6 minutes daily.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana-

It is a pose similar to dog facing downwards.Stand straight then slightly move downwards with your palms and knees placed in such a manner that your knees are align just under your hip area and your palms ahead of your shoulders.Toes should be facing little upward.

Now exhale and raise your pelvic away from the ground.Be at this position for  for about 1-2 minutes and repeat it again and again.

  • Uttanasana-

Stand in front of your bed and place your hands on your hips.Take a deep breathe and then while exhaling bend your body slowly from your hips to the level of your bed.Rests your head on the bed.If you find it uncomfortable place some pillows to raise the level of your bed.Take a deep breathe again and raise your leg from kneecaps.

Be at the same position for few minutes till you find it comfortable to do.Do not over strain your back.

This yoga calms your mind as well as relieves stress.

  • Viparita Karani-

In this yoga pose you put your legs up the wall.Lay down on the mat on your back.Slowly raise your legs up the wall touching it.Put your arms on the ground with palms facing upward. Stretch your heels towards the ceiling.Inhale and exhale while doing this yoga pose.

  • Sarvangasana-

Lay down on the mat on your back.Take a deep breathe and lift your legs up in the air.Support your legs with your hands from the hip area.This posture should be done only when the person has attained a certain flexibility.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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