Causes of obesity and diabetes:pollution can make your child obese

According to  a recent study if a person is exposed to pollution from childhood days the risk of obesity and diabetes increases.The microscopic contaminants from vehicles and burning of fossil fuels leads to weight gain in teenagers living in cities.

The youngsters also perceive the problems of increased insulin resistance which also causes of Type 2 diabetes.This result was tested upon a mice with pollution levels and it matched the levels found in Urban areas.

These type of persons  had to fight with many other diseases to.They face the problems of insulin resistance not only this but higher level of fat around their abdomen and internal organs.

Actually there are some substance present in the environment namely endocrine-disrupting chemicals which changes the function of fetus’s genes changing a child metabolism rate making him susceptible to gain weight. The person have the same eating habits and warm ups compared to a normal one with a normal metabolic rate,but he or she will become obese compared to others.

Researchers says that ex-poser to obesogens can cause a sudden increase in the amount of fat produced in person’s body which leads to increase in weight.So this is really a serious problem as it increases other health problems to,like cancer,diabetes,cardiovascular and hypertension.

Proper care must be taken of a new born baby.Exposer to high level of pollutants should be avoided for the safety of the child and to be secure from obesity or any other health diseases.

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