Heart Disease: Safflower oil reduces cardiovascular disease risk

A new research showed that a dose of safflower oil can reduce your heart disease risk.Safflower oil is helpful in improving health elements such as good cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, inflammation in obese ,blood sugar and postmenopausal in women who have type 2 diabetes.

Researchers after many findings discover that safflower oil reduces not only abdominal fat but also increases muscle tissue inĀ  in women .

The chief researcher suggested to have a good daily dose of safflower oil in diet, about 1 teaspoon is very helpful in reducing cardiovascular disease risk.

The research appeared online and is scheduled to be printed in the journal Clinical Nutrition.

Professor of human nutrition at Ohio State University and lead author of the study, Martha Belury saysThe women in the study didn’t replace what was in thier diet with safflower oil. They added it to what they were already doing.And that says to me that certain people need a little more of this type of good fat, particularly when they are obese women who already have diabetes.”

Martha further says that people should serve healthy oil in their diets , using an oil or vinegar dressed on salad or the oil used for cooking .

Safflower oil is generally associated with metabolic syndrome, or a clusters of symptoms thatĀ  results in increase of risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well.


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