Common causes of Painful urination

Elimination of the urine from the body is a painless process but if it is associated with symptoms like pain, burning, pressure or any other type of discomfort  it is generally due to a disease or disorder.It is more common in women as compared to men.Infection or inflammation of the urinary tract or reproductive system leads to the pain and burning sensation while urinating.

The urination pain can occur in all age groups.The pain is felt at the opening of the urethra, from where the urine leaves the body.Sometimes more symptoms like bloody urine, cloudy urine,frequent urination and foul smelling urine is also linked with the pain.So, to prevent the future complications you should know the real cause of the pain so that you can get the right treatment at right time.

Common causes of painful urine are:

1)Urinary tract infection- The urinary tract of a human body consist of bladder,ureters,urethra and kidneys.The bacteria generally enter through urethra and get multiplied in the bladder.Women are more vulnerable to the infection in urinary tract.An infection called Cystitis occurs in the bladder caused by E.coli  leads to painful urination.Sexual intercourse causes cystitis to develop inside the body.The urinary tract infection can be recognised through symptoms such as frequent urination, abdominal pressure,lethargy and fever.Urinary tract infection can be easily treated by some antibiotics which your doctor refer to you and the symptoms get disappear in 1-2 days.

2)Prostatitis- It refers to the infection or disease in prostrate gland.The prostrate gland surrounds the urethra and is found below the bladder.Prostatitis occurs due to bacteria in urine which moves to the prostrate through urethra.

3)Atrophic Vaginitis- Painful urination could also occur due to inflammation in the vagina which leads to the thinning of vaginal tissue and reduced lubrication in the vagina.Atrophic Vaginitis occurs due to the decreased level of estrogen level in the body.

4)Yeast infection- Another cause for painful urination is yeast infection, which is a form of vaginitis.C.albicans is the name of a fungus which grows inside the vagina and lead to the development of yeast infection.The chances for developing the yeast infection increases using certain antibiotics, hormonal changes or ill-treated diabetes.

Other complications that lead to painful urination can be- kidney disease, kidney failure,blood infection,cancer, and urosepsis. The risk of these diseases can be minimized by following the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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