Cool beauty tips;healthy eyes & diet plan

For beautiful and glowing skin you must have opted various tips,we also care for your spotless beauty.Here are some of the best suggestions which can add sparkles to the skin.Check out some useful beauty tips below.

  • Diet planning;

diet planning
Diet planning

Before using any product for the face first check your diet.In winters or rainy seasons the diet get disturbed which results in digestion problems and a feeling of  nausea.Try to take liquid diet in this case.Maintain the proper amount of minerals and water level in the body,try to consume curd mixed with black salt,dry mint or cumin.You can also take sweet or salty curd according to the preference.Do not avoid fruits and green vegetables as they are a good source of nutrients.You can also consume tomatoes as they are anti-oxidants and keep acidity problems in control.Cucumber can be put to use for rubbing on the face in the same way the peels of water melon can be rub on the sun burn effected areas.You can use each type of fruit in some way or the other.

  • Daily care;

Daily care
Daily care

For protecting your skin from rashes,pimples or sunburn take a glance of your refrigerator.Always try to keep rosewater in your fridge because it works as a very good tonic for the skin.Before going to sleep and after cleaning the makeup wash your face with rosewater.This not only keeps your skin cool but also clears up the dirt which gets sticks on the pores.

Apart from this you can also put 2 cups of baking soda with 6 cups of sea salt in a air tight jar.Before using mix orange juice or essential oil to it.This will keep your skin scented but before applying shake the jar well.Take mint leaves and put them in cold water now put them inside the fridge use regularly to clean the face,this water works as an antiseptic lotion.

For preparing a good tonic for the face take 3 cups filtered water and mix 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar now add some essence oil.This maintains the PH level of the skin.Make sure about your skin type that the product will suit it or not because if these things will not suit your skin they can can cause reactions to.

  • Eye beauty;

Eye care
Eye care

Going out on a sunny day can cause damage near the eyes.The eyes tissues are adversely effected by the sun rays and need proper care and attention.For protecting your eyes from sun and pollution wear sun glasses.Washing the eyes regularly with cold water is very useful.Put the slices of cucumber or potatoes on the eyes,this will reduce the problems of dark circles near the eyes.If you are fond of drinking ice tea then put the tea bags in the refrigerator and once they get cooled down put them on the eyes.Dip cotton in cold milk squeeze them well and put in your eyes,wash the eyes after some time with cold water.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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