India and China leads in female infanticide rate

India and China are the two leading countries in the list of girl infanticide in the whole world. Female infanticide refers to the  deliberately killing of infant girls. This kind of process is common in the regions where female are given low preference or low status in the men dominating society.India and China are the two most responsible countries for  intentionality killing the girl child between the age of 1-4 years.

The myth of giving birth to only boys, as they are the one to carry on the ancestors name and honour persist in both India and China.According to the statistics, in the year 1996 China had 10000 female infanticide and the ratio of boys to girls become 131 males to 100 females.In 1995 it was reported to be 105 males to 100 females.Since the introduction of policy of “one child per couple” in China increases the expectation of a baby boy in a family more than ever compared to past birth rates.

The same situation  exist in India, or even worse compared to China.The regions in rural areas are highly affected by the custom of having a baby boy to preserve their family values.Girls are regarded as an economic burdens to their family because of high expenses being spend on their wedding and dowry system.The wrong use of ultrasound techniques also pushed the girl infanticide to higher rates where a women abort their girl child forcefully or willingly.In India the sex ratio reported was 93 girls to 100 boys.There are areas where the girl population do not exceeds 85 girls to 100 boys.

The sex ratio of infant girls dropped in China from 112 to 76 in 2000s.The infant mortality is about 75 percent between the age of 1-5 years.More than 1 million infants are killed every year all over the world only because, they are girls.

The study was published by the Population Division of Department of Economic and Social affairs,United Nations.

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