Causes of hair loss in women and home remedies

Balding or thinning of hair is some of the common hair problems.The normal shedding of hair ranges from 50-100 per day, but if you are noticing that you are losing more than the normal number then it is the time you get serious about the health of your hairs.There are many cues you can notice to find out that if you are losing more than the normal hairs everyday.

While you wake up in theĀ  morning, you see hairs on your pillow or when you comb your hairs you find more on the comb than the normal number, then it is the time you should act to protect your hairs from shedding.

Here are some causes of hair fall:

1)Stress- The main cause of hair fall is stress.Stress causes genetic hair loss and can worsen the problem if not treated well.

2)Any type of severe illness-Follicle depends on the balanced diet of the body. Any illness imbalance body diet and becomes on of the cause for hair loss

3)Disbalance in hormones-Hormones are both responsible for the growth of hairs and loss of hairs.

4)Pregnancy- Child birth is also the cause for hair loss after one to six months women find large amount of hair coming out in their comb.This problem is caused due to the hormonal change in the body at the time of child birth.

5)Use of some strong medication- Medicines and drugs are sometime becomes the cause for falling hairs.Some medicines causes temporary hair falling.

6)Fungal infection- Fungal infection causes breaking of hairs,swelling and redness on the scalp, which starts from developing small patches which spreads gradually and damage the hairs.

Home Remedy for hair fall:

1)Massage your scalp with essential oils , cover your hairs in shower cap for few minutes and then put warm towel and wash your hairs after sometime.

2)Intake of yogurt is very beneficial for hairs.It leaves your hairs healthy and shiny.

3)Apply the mixture of egg yolk and honey on your hairs and rinse after some time.

4)Eat a well balanced healthy diet. A healthy diet enhances the health of the hairs and make them thick.

5)Do not rub your hairs strongly, also avoid blow drying your hairs, if necessary then adjust the temperature of the dryer to less heat.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”


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