Health Care: Too much stress and coffee may cause hallucinations

A recent study at La Trobe University shows that people consuming 5 cups of coffee every day may face signs  of hallucinations.The increased rate of stress can also cause the same effect on human mind.

From the School of Psychology Science Professor Simon Crowe, examine the effects of increased stress and too much intake of caffeine on 92 patients.And he says “What we did is we brought people into the lab and while listening to White Christmas and then told them we are going to play some white noise.”

He further says” We didn’t include White Christmas in the white noise but found that more people who were very stressed and had high levels of caffeine heard White Christmas.

Generally in an office a caffeinated worker do not interpret situations and respond more to subtle cues.These people may also believe that someone around the water cooler is talking about them and thus they tend to overreact.


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