Healthy & White Teeth for Intelligence

Would you believe when I say that “you are not intelligent” by just looking at our teeth. Hard to believe isn’t it…??? But its very much true. According to research conducted by American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry it is true and has been proved.

People are more receptive to individuals with a brilliant smile because it conveys a positive impression of intelligence, warmth, friendliness, assuredness and confidence. Conversely people think poorly of someone with dull or discolored teeth. So you can see how our teeth can make or break your career prospects and budding relationships.

Our face is the most looked after part of our body. and our mouths is the first feature that anyone looks. But our lifestyle take a toll on our pearly whites, alcohol, wine, tea, coffee, smoking all contribute in discoloring our teeth. Enhancing and sustaining your smile is what Aesthetic Dentistry is all about as it instantly lifts your self confidence.

Well don’t worry if your teeth are discolored. Their are many ways to get those pearly whites back.

Healthy Brushing Habits

Nothing new and nothing like it. Inculcate the healthy habit of brushing your teeth twice daily  you can save a lot of damage to your teeth. Promote this habit with your children. And always seek  dentist twice year.

Scaling and Polishing

This technique is used to refresh ones breath and remove stains and marks resistant to brushing.


This is the simplest way to gain back your sparkling white teeth. It is the quickest, safest and painless procedure. White fillings are naturally looking materials that match with enamel and illuminate the shadows.


It involves applying tooth colored cosmetic resin for broken an discolored teeth. It covers the gap between you teeth and protects the root that expose with time.


It is custom-made, tooth-colored shells that cover the front of your teeth. Once applied, they correct misaligned, poorly shaped, damaged, or discolored teeth.

The above mentioned are some measures to bring life to damaged and discolored teeth. Please do consult your dentist that what measure is best suitable for you.

Men and women who want to look more successful, more confident in any environment can enjoy the advantages of  brighter and whiter teeth!  Dare to be one who keeps other people guessing! Go ahead and set the trend by selecting your SMILE…!! 😀

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