Home remedies for cold and sore throat

In case of cold and sore throat, the best way is to treat the infection at home, if not severe.The fist step towards treatment is to know well that whether it is cold or allergy.The cold generally lasts for maximum 2 weeks, but if it remains for more than 2 weeks time it is likely to be an allergy.The symptoms of cold and sore throat are runny nose, sore throat, feeling excessively dull and unaired.

Sore throat and cold are caused due to viral and bacterial infection.With little care and concern these ailments can be treated.

Home remedies for curing cold and sore throat are:

1)Gargling with hot water is the best and the oldest home remedy for curing cold and and sore throat.Take a glass of hot water and put a little amount of salt to it.Gargling with salt mix water eject the fluid that been stuck in the throat.The fluid consists of germs which causes cough and sore throat.

2)Take a good steam shower or hot shower in the morning.Change your clothes too as it is essential for fast recovery.

3)Fruits consisting of vitamin c are ideal for the prevention of cold.Fruits such as  malta, orange,kiwi and guava are the best to eat.

4)Honey is the best home remedy for sore throat.Honey gives a soothing effect to the sore throat.Mix honey with finger and make a thick paste of the mixture and take it at regular time interval the entire day.Also, honey can be mixed with turmeric powder which contains the anti-inflammatory properties and provides a quick recovery in case of cough and sore throat.

5)To cure the running nose,put some drops of almond oil in th nostrils, it will be helpful.

6)Drink tea, especially ginger tea to treat cold.Boil ginger in water before boiling tea leaves for better result.

7)Eat pepper to treat sneezing and running nose.Take some pepper with lukewarm water, it provides great relief for runny nose.

8)Drink hot water and hot fluids helps you overcome the running nose.

9)Smelling the aroma of hing(Asafetida) helps treating the cold,running nose and sneezing.

10)Taking garlic in any form helps you get rid of sneezing and cold both to a great extent.

Also, try to take some rest and stay warm as much as possible.Resting makes your body to fight with cold and sore throat, when you rests your body is more able to fight with the symptoms of cold.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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