Tips to avoid eye allergies and infection during summers

Summer season damages not only hairs and skin but also causes harm to the eyes.Eyes are the extremely delicate and sensitive target of the scorching heat of the sunlight.The most common eye disease that happens during summer season are allergic conjunctivitis and eye infection caused due to the heat, dust and ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Stickiness of eyes in morning is a sign of eye allergy.Stickiness is cause due to allergy called vernal conjunctivitis.The itching sensation in the eyes is also the symptom of eye allergy called kerato conjunctivitis.

Heat and dust are the main reason which causes dry eyes.Dry eyes leads to burning sensation and foreign body sensation of eyes.The burning sensation makes the person tired and irritated.

Tips to protect the eyes in summer are:

1)Avoid going out in the sun especially during the peak hours unless it is very important to move out.

2)Wear the appropriate sun glasses when moving out in the sun.The sun glasses should be like covering the side of your temples.Sun glasses are great barrier to protect your ryes from dust and fumes in the environment.

3)Personal hygiene and cleanliness of your eyes is very important.Regularly wash your eyes and hands.Do not frequently wash your eyes as it washes away the antibodies present in tear.Also, do not rub your eyes as it can increase the problem of eye infection.

4)Drink lots of fluid to avoid dehydration in summers.Dehydration could effect the tear formation adversely.

5)If you are suffering from eye infection then avoid sitting directly in front of air condition though air conditioners filter the air conditioners filter the air and limits the floe of allergens.

6)Avoid wearing lenses in dusty environment.And also the lenses should be cleaned and stored properly.

If the infection still persist for long time, then it is better you see your eye specialist.Lubricant eye drops can be used to avoid allergies and infection but only after consulting your doctor.If you experience redness of eyes or itching in eyes or watery eyes then it should be treated at right time because conditions such as vernal conjunctivitis if not treated at proper time can cause damage to the cornea.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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