Latest nail art trends and designs

Nail art is one of the latest trend which every girl desires. Colors in fashion for French manicure are pink, green, gold and  cherry brown. There are various designs and patterns available through which one can enhance the beauty of their nails. Check out some latest nail art designs and safety tips.

latest nail art trends
latest nail art trends

Previously brushes are used to spruce up nails but today many other alternatives are present like needles. Nails are decorated very smoothly and carefully to provide a beautiful effect. In nail arts apart from the colorful nail paints diamond studs and small stones are also used to enhance the beauty of nails.

 Golden advise;

French manicure
French manicure
  • Always use a transparent nail paint for the top coat before applying any nail art. This will enable the nail art to resist for a long time, at the same time gives a natural look to the nails.
  • Do not apply nail paint in excess, keep it within the boundaries of your nails by using the brush properly. Nail art should be even overall.
  • Nail paint should end with a 3 coat process starting from small finger towards the thumb.
  • You can easily opt for a mini manicure at home also, for this clean your nails with any remover and apply only the base coat on them. Color the top area with white paint and rest with the transparent one.

Makeup mistakes;

  •  Remember to smoothen your nails cuticles, as they reflect a wrong impression even if you have applied some nail art.
  • Using bad quality nail paints and removers creates pallidness on nails. Nails starts braking apart and harmful chemicals effects even the health. Try to investigate before buying any nail paint or removers.
makeup blunders
makeup blunders
  • For a more trendy designs do not use different colors on each nails, it gives a bad look. Try to shape your nails perfectly and and use same color on each nails.
  • Do not use dark color nail paints as they negatively effects their health and makes them dry and weak.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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