Laugh out loud to keep your heart healthy

A recent study has proved that laughter is the best medicine for a healthy living.Laughter makes you tolerating the discomfort and reduces your pain and mental stress.It also helps reducing the blood sugar and increases glucose in case of diabetics ans non-diabetics.

Laughter makes a healthy and positive environment all around and brings a sense of togetherness among people.Laughter helps fighting the mental stress which do not allow the fat and cholesterol to build up inside the coronary arteries  that in normal cases leads to heart attack.

People with heart diseases are seen less humorous in everyday life.The are tend to display more  hostility and anger and also laugh less even in positive conditions.People laugh either naturally or by learned behavior.Researchers says that a laughter even an exercise,eating low fat foods or quitting smoking cannot do what a hearty laughter can do  to reduce the cardiovascular diseases.

Laughter is the only syrup that speeds up the blood circulation inside the body.The habit of laughing should be inculcated the same way as you other activities such as preferring stairs instead of elevator.People should indulge themselves in activities which bring laughter to their daily activities such as watching funny videos or reading something humorous.

A healthy heart only needs right eating, exercise and laughing at least for few times a day.

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