Polluted environment increases the risk of heart attacks

Polluted environment is considered  more harmful for health rather than alcohol or cocaine.According to a survey more than two million of  people around the world die because of hazardous air pollution.

High amount of pollution contains various health hazards like skin problems,lungs problems and it is one of the major cause of heart attacks among people.The atmosphere is polluted with various substances like  dust,smoke,veld fires,methane gas,waste of animals etc.

Pollution is the major cause of earlier death rates in many countries.Heart attacks or strokes are very common now a days because of the increasing rate of pollution.The acute failure of heart weakens the heart muscles which causes congestion which also spread to different parts of the body and affects the lungs.

Pollution also increases the problem of respiration and can be a cause of cancer to.Living in a high polluted environment can cause a severe asthma problems which after sometimes becomes very troublesome.

According to the  American Health Association when there is a population of  eight million people every 12micogram per cubic meter rise in small particulate concentration in the air kills one person prematurely in a day.

How to escape heart problems?

  1. For avoiding the risk of heart attacks caused by severe pollution try to live in a healthy and good environment which should be pollution free.
  2. Try using the natural ventilation by opening the windows rather than opting air conditioners and coolers.
  3. Must take a morning walk near natural surroundings which should be far from the polluted environment.
  4. Grow plants,maintain lawn or orchards near your house this will provide you natural air and keeps you away from pollution problems.
  5. Avoid smoking because it not only affects your lungs but produced lot of air pollutants which cause cancer,heart attacks and many more smoke disorders.
  6. Try walking instead of opting for vehicles as they produces lot of air pollution which is not at all good for health.

Remember, the key of healthy life is having a  healthy heart.Environment which is pollution free will prosper your health and will keep you fit and happy.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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