Long Life Of Men Linked With High Good Cholesterol

The link between the life of men & high good cholesterol is that, men with the highest good  cholesterol were 28 % less chances  to die before they reached at the age of 85. This is a good news for men with high good cholesterol, now they can enjoy long life as compare to men with less high density lipoprotien cholesterol.

According to a research  men with the highest good (HDL) cholesterol were 28 % less chances  to die before they reached at the age of  85, compared to men with high density lipoprotien cholesterol (HDL).

In 2006 approx 12 million men suffered from heart disease and stroke , but men with  high levels of HDL cholesterol may reduce the risks heart disease & stroke. Those men who has less than 40 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) of blood, has risk of  heart disease according to the American Heart Association.

Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology and Research Information Center in Boston, looked at the medical records of about 650 veterans when they were around 65 years old, then grouped them based on HDL levels.They found that for each 10 mg/dL increase of HDL, the men were 14 % less likely to have died before they reached at the age of  85. Overall, 375 survived to that age.

Few  men with higher HDL were overweight, and they tended not to have more than 2 drinks a day. And fewer of them had heart disease or smoked, compared to the lowest HDL group.

These other factors might have had an effect on survival, It’s difficult to change HDL levels, but  Exercise might raise it a few points, but it isn’t a very efficient way to improve, we need to get a drug eventually. said Barzilai.



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