Natural homemade hand-packs for winters

Winters means dry hands, so what can be a better option than home made hand packs for making the hands smooth and soft as before? Here are some special hand packs which will very effectively reduce the dryness and gives you a perfect soft hand look.

Effective home-made hand packs;

Hand care is as much important as face care is.They need proper care especially during winters.Protect your hands from the dirt pollution and harmful chemicals.For you hand care we present some home made hand packs which can easily be prepared at your own homes.Take a look below.

Fruit honey pack-

fruit honey pack
Fruit honey pack

Scrub your hands properly and soak them well after washing with warm water.Now take 2-3 grapes or orange peels and grind them well after that add some drops of honey to it.Apply this paste on the for at-least 15 minutes wash with warm water and apply hand cream immediately.

Almond pumpkin pack-

Almonds pumpkin packs
Almonds pumpkin packs

Take 3-4 almonds dip them in pure milk.Now add a small piece of pumpkin in it and grind in a grinder properly.After hand scrubbing apply this pack for 10 minutes.after that wash with warm water and in the end take equal amount of olive and almond oil for hand massaging.

Egg white homey pack-

Egg white honey pack
Egg white honey pack

take the white portion of an egg mix it well and add some drops of honey to it,mix it again.After hand scrub aplly the paste for 20 minutes and wash of with warm water.Apply petroleum jelly and wear your gloves.

Carrot pack-

Carrot pack
Carrot pack

Add some carrot juice drops with honey.Apply the hand scrub and wash your hands with warm water.Now apply this pack for 15 minutes.After this wash the hands and apply a good and soft moisturizer.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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