Onset of swine flu in India kills 12, infects 130

Swine flu is seen progressing in most of of Indian states.In the month of March 12 people died and a lot more were tested positive by the swine influenza virus.All the infected patients were admitted to the nearest local hospitals for better treatment.Many Indian states including Rajasthan, Maharashtra,Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh reported half of its population  in the grip of swine flu virus.

Approximately 450 people died due to the spread of swine flu virus in India since 2009.The health ministry spokeswoman S Sharan says that the government is trying all its possible resources to avoid the spread of H1N1 virus across the country.

Health Secretary PK Pradhan told the media that the health ministry is constantly monitoring the disease and there is no need to worry.The cases till now reported are strictly under the controlled supervision of the specialists to halt the further spread of the disease across the country.

The cause of sudden onset of the swine flu virus is still not clearly known.There is at least one case everyday brought in the local hospitals in Pune.According to National Institute of Virology the spread of disease in Pune has increased to 15 percent the current month.The health authorities of India has started distributing and releasing the funds for equipments like ventilators to the government hospitals and involving the private hospitals too.

The highest deaths recorded due to swine flu included Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.About 1200 people were killed due to swine flu around the globe.Swine flu virus initially started in Mexico, and from there spread across many countries.

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