Swine flu alert in Goa

Goa government has announced an alert and ordered its health ministers to keep a check on the symptoms of swine flu symptoms among the people in the state.Following the spread of disease in Pune and many cities of Maharashtra has worried the state government of Goa.

A circular has been released by the directorate of health services of Goa to all the medical colleges, district hospitals, 19 primary health centres,4 urban centres and 6 community centres to include necessary precautions to protect people from the harmful influence of H1N1 virus.

Media is also involved to prevent the spread of the disease .Several advertisements regarding the awareness of swine influenza virus has been released so that people should know well about the symptoms.Till now airport and railways station in Goa are not issued any alert by the government.

Common symptoms of Swine flu includes breathlessness, skin colour change(bluish or grey colour),severe lethargic,running nose, headache,vomiting, diarrhoea,sore throat and loss of appetite.The disease is contagious and spreads very fast if any one person is effected in your area.So it is better you take certain important precautions to minimise the risk of swine flu.

Maintain a good hygiene and keep your hands clean, wash them properly before you eating.Cover your mouth while you cough or sneeze and try to wear a mask when you go close to the infected person.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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