Perfect look for this New Year

Give yourself a special look on this New Year party. Use some new makeup trends to look beautiful and attractive. But it is very important to choose your makeup according to your complexion. Here are some tips which will help you to make the correct choice for your makeup. 

Party makeup tips
Party makeup tips

For fair skin any type of makeup mixtures can be used as marks or patches naturally disappears on fair complexion. For those whose skin comes under medium skin tone can opt for light blue or purple color makeup as they suits them best. For dark complexion  metallic, golden or dark brown colors can be used.

Perfect makeup tips for New Year celebrations

Choose base according to color

While choosing the color of foundation make sure it suits your skin tone. For dark complexion use one shade lighter foundation and use peach reddish brown or natural shade blush-on. For those who has fair complexion can use foundation matching with their skin tone. Do not forget to wash your skin with cleansing milk before applying any type of makeup. You van also apply toner or moisturizer.

Perfect eye makeup

eye makeup
eye makeup

Dark black eye makeup suits fair complexion a lot, therefore those who are of fair complexion must apply light shade eye shadow with a dark concealer. You can also use thick line of kajal and mascara on eyes. For dark complexion women catty eye makeup will give a perfect look, for this purpose use light colored eye shadow with a long eye shadow brush. Liquid liners are also in fashion now a days available different colors. For New Year celebrations you can also give smoky looks to your eyes, apply light black or blue color eyeshadow on your eye lids. Silver color eye highlighters can be used for enhancing eye beauty.

Redness of cheeks

For fair complexion apply moisturizer followed with cleanser. After this use natural pink or rosy blusher to enhance your cheeks beauty. For dark complexion use peach color and those who has medium complexion can choose dark red or brown shade for cheeks makeup.

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