Positive effect of video games:solution to over weight problem in children

Every child is fond of playing entertaining video games.They forget everything in their life if a video game is brought in front of them.Apart from having video games negative effect there is also a positive side of it.

Actually now a days there are a two way flow between theĀ  games and the user which needs high-energy actions while playing them.These actions helps to raise the level of metabolism typically seen in medium and strong work outs.

According to the latest research it is found that the performance of six forms of “exer-gaming”(A term used for video games that are also a form of exercise),promotes active lifestyle in small children.

It was observed that those children whose age was between 11-12 years had their metabolic rates measured after walking on a treadmill at 3 miles per hour and after 10 minutes on the exer-games.Home and commercial versions were included in these digital games like Dance Dance revolution,Nintendo Wii Boxing,LightSpace Bug Invasion,and Cybex Trazer Goalie Wars ,Xavix J-Mat and Sportwall ets.

It was concluded that those children who have more weight -to-height ratio (included 22 children) were overweight or were at a venture of becoming obese-liked the exer-games more compared to those children who were of standard weight,nevertheless both used the same amount of energy.

Actually exergaming provides a players a psychical energy and can be called a alternative source of providing fitness to children.It provides extra energy expenditure reducing overweight of children.Increased level of physical activities can be noticed in children which they hate to do otherwise.

So it can be said that exergaming is useful as well as essential for children having over-weight problems.













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