Quit Smoking: E-Cigarettes may help quit smoking

A latest survey shows that E-Cigarettes may really be helpful letting people to quit smoking or reduce the frequency.Electronic Cigarettes are supposed to be more safer than tobacco ones.The study is done by researchers from Boston University School of Public Health(BUSPH).

E-Cigarettes are meant to run on battery power which do not contain tobacco at all and gives the smoker a flavor of nicotine in form of vapors that gives  the same feel of tobacco smoking.

E-Cig contains cartridges filled with nicotine and can be used to quit smoking.A new survey shown by BUSPH researchers revealed that E-Cigarettes are designed to help smoker quit tobacco and get rid of their addiction.

Survey Shows-Out of 5000 people who purchased the E-Cigs for the first time around 222 or 4.5 percent respond and answered  about their  smoking  habits after buying the Blu brand E-Cigarettes.Where 216 says that they were smokers.

In the duration of six months 31 percent of the people who smoke quit cigarettes and some of them reduce the intake of tobacco.E-Cigarettes are generally made up of stainless steels are operated bu battery power that contains cartridge  with nicotine in different quantity and concentration.E-Cigarettes are rechargeable every time and are completely non-flammable.

The product by the time is sold in China but is also available in other countries like:Brazil,Canada,Israel,Lebanon,Sweden,Turkey and Britain.The popularity is still increasing in United States.

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