Quit smoking through a healthy and fit lifestyle

Want to quit smoking? There is a good news for those who are annoyed with their smoking habits. According to the latest study daily 15 minutes exercise can be one of the best remedy to quit smoking very easily and successfully.

How to quit smoking
How to quit smoking

According to the scientist of china medical university daily workouts compelsĀ  50 present of the smokers to quit smoking compered to those who are not indulge in any kind of workouts. And more over it was found that once quitting there were only 10 percent people who again opted for it.

This not only increases the life span by 5 years taking on an average rate but also reduces the rate of death by 40 percent overall. More over if exercising fails to make a person quit smoking it increases the life expectancy to 3 percent because of the healthy and fit lifestyle of a person who is engaged in at least 30 minutes workouts daily.

If you want to quit your smoking habit then you must opt for some good and healthy exercises like jogging, aerobics, streaking, swimming, or playing any sport. Even a 15 minutes walkis enough to get a start towards the target. Generally smokers are advised to indulge themselves in physical activities as more as they can, so that it becomes easy for them to get rid of smoking habit.

15 minutes exercise
15 minutes exercise

Even yoga or meditations also helps in smoking cessation. There are special yoga exercises which are specifically for quitting smoking habits. You can take the guidance of an expert trainer and opt for them to. Addiction to anything is very bad for health so try to change your lifestyle, make it more interesting and healthy. Try to avoid that places or happenings which influences you to smoke.

Just 15 minutes of exercises helps you to relieve stress and helps you to recover from the damages caused by smoking. Start from a 10-25 minute walk and gradually increase the workouts for at least 30 minutes. So, start working towards the betterment of your healthy from today only.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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