Eye care tips during summers

During summers our body needs an extra care so that the scorching heat does not damage us in any way.Eyes are the sensitive part of our face and requires extra attention during summers.The excessive dust and light, harsh rays of the sun are some factors that can cause potential harm to the eyes.

UV rays are harmful for both skin and eyes.UV rays causes damage to the skin and causes skin cancer,similarly they damage eyes and causes eye disorders such as macula degeneration,cataracts,photokeratitis and pterygia.So here are some useful eye care tips that help you revive the freshness and beauty of your eyes and preventing them from harsh effects next time you step out in the sun.

1)Always wear sunglasses before you move out in the sun.Go for the one that cover your temples and prevent against the harmful UV rays of the sun and the dust of the environment.Wear them even in cloudy day UV are still harmful and cause damage on cloudy day.

2)Wash you eyes with cold water at least three times a day.This will help removing the unnecessary dust particles that enter your eyes and cause damage.

3)Never try to rub your eyes with dirty and hands, it could cause eye allergy and irritation in your eyes.

4)Do not sit in AC, if you are suffering from eye allergies.It can worsen the problem.

5)Avoid wearing contact lenses in dusty environment.

6)Avoid eye make-up if you suffers from any type of eye allergy and it is also important to remove every bit of make-up before going to  bed at night.

7)Drink lots of water and fluids to avoid dehydration.Dehydration adversely effect the tear formation ability of eyes.

8)Stay indoors whenever possible.Avoid going out especially when sun and UV rays are at peak in the atmosphere.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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