Substitute of green tea; black tea is boon for human health

Now it is easy for those who find green tea to be expensive to regain their health through avoiding it.Actually according to the researchers drinking black tea is as much healthy as the green tea is.


They say that drinking black tea instead of green tea is as much beneficial as drinking green tea,if you mix little milk with black tea you can maintain your health very well.This will reduce the cost problem to as the green tea is very costly to purchase and black tea is easily available .

Black tea can help in regulating your blood circulation and it also benefits in many heart problems.Basically maximum people find it better to obtain black tea in comparison of green tea therefore it becomes very necessary to know that whether the black tea can be healthy to or not?

Black tea is beneficial in many ways as it helps in problems like diabetics,cancer,exhaustion,stroke,tooth decay and many stomach problems to.It can be called a s a substitute for green tea.

A scientist added that both the teas comes from the similar plant that is Camellia Sinensis and has similar curative properties to.They both provide equal health benefits when consumed regularly.

Actually black tea is boon to human life which prevents us from many diseases,It also helps in reducing weight and can cut the problems of heart strokes.The study suggested that an individual should drink at least two cups of black tea per day.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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