Sweet beverages harmful for women’s health

Sugar lover women are now suggested to put a stop in their liking of sweet food menus.Taking a high quantity of sugar per day can be unhealthy for the body suggested by the researchers.

According to a latest study based research it is very harmful for those women who are in a habit of taking high level of sugar loaded beverages per day.This can not only increases extra pounds but can also creates a serious risk related to cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes.

The study considered two opposite aged women one who was older and the other one younger.One of them was in a habit of drinking countless sugar coded drinks while the other drank one routinely.

The woman who used to drink more number of  sweet beverages was found in increased waist size and increased amount of glucose levels while the other was not.Basically sweetened beverages are linked with fatty body structure plus various heart related problems.These drinks are full of calories and mostly loved by women than men.It is found that women can not stop themselves by opting for these sugar loaded drinks and hence a they becomes a victim of health diseases.

It is suggested to decreases the level of sugar intake mainly in women as it can be a reason for the bad health.Sweet beverages can be consumed but in a proportionate amount.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication or therapy”

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