Things you should know about pain killers

Painkillers are the most commonly used medicines in our daily life.To get relief from the pain we take the help of pain killers which changes the perception of mind towards pain.Pain killers  are also known as narcotics because of its anaesthetic and analgesic properties. Long time use of these drugs can cause addiction, and results in various health issues.

Some of the things you should know well about the use of pain killers are:

1)Pain killers can turn out addictive, even if they are prescribed by the doctors- Person who takes painkiller for long period of time becomes physically dependent on them.Heavy dose may consequently results into psychological cravings.

2)Painkillers put restrain on the the appetite- Excessive use of painkillers makes the person unwilling to eat food which leads to poor health.According to the survey Americans spend about $484 billion of their money for painkillers annually which causes crime,accidents,various health issues,lost job wages etc.

3)Painkillers and alcohol when taken together are very harmful- People have the misconception of taking the painkillers and alcohol together, thinking that it would not cause any harm to them.But the reality is that both of them forms a deadly and dangerous combination for health.

4)Painkillers effect the liver- The person not only get addicted to the pain killer but also the organs of the body get damaged due to excessive use of these drugs.Tylenol adversely effects your liver.If you have some problem with your liver in the past, watch out for your prescribed pain killers.

5)Addiction to painkillers can be treated- There are various painkillers addiction program and methods through which the person can be treated successfully from long time addiction of pain killers.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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