Tips to stop thumb sucking habit of your child

Thumb sucking is the most common problem during childhood. Babies develop the habit of thumb sucking  while they are still in womb.One out of every three children has the habit of sucking his/her thumb. The habit is not so harmful if the child do it occasionally. But if the child is not able to leave this habit at later age then it can be a serious problem as thumb sucking restricts the growth of jaws and create problem with airway and breathing.

Thumb sucking habit
Stop thumb sucking habit of your child

According to American Dental Association, children suck their thumb because sucking is natural to them.A child should stop sucking as soon as the permanent front teeth are ready to come out.Children stops sucking their thumb at the age of 2-4 years.

If your child suck his/her thumb while watching TV, or when he/she sleeps and more often during school, then the risk of developing  dental problem increases.That is the time you need to get into action to stop your child’s habit of thumb sucking.

Tips to stop thumb sucking habit of your child:

Never pull

 Never try to pull your child’s thumb out of his/her mouth.This can damage their teeth.Instead you ask them to stop sucking their thumb.

Weaken the habit and keep your child busy

When your child put the thumb in his/her mouth try to distract him/her by engaging in other activities that will use both hands. It is important that you do it before sleep or bedtime.Give them any soft toy to hold with each arm or a book you are reading.

Thumb sucking habit in children
Thumb sucking in toddlers

Avoid punishing them

Nagging your child or punishing then does not always work.Try to make them realize that they have grown and need to change their bad habits.Never miss a chance to praise them to involve in good habits and leave the bad ones including the thumb sucking.

Avoid putting pressure

Never try to put pressure on your child to leave their habit of thumb sucking.Make them understand to stop thumb sucking in a calm and peaceful manner.

Apply lemon juice

Apply lemon juice on your child’s thumb, it may help to stop their habit.

Usually parents starts worrying too early for their children when they see them sucking their thumb.It is recommended that you do not try to make your child stop this habit before the age of 4 years until you see  intense thumb sucking.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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