Yoga health benefits; importance of breathing exercises

Over the past few years yoga and meditation has given various health benefits and has gained popularity among people.Besides having various advantages there are some specific benefits which can be enjoyed by regular yoga practices.

Yoga is also called as the “ancient Indian healing technique” which helps the human body to gain the control of the life force.One of the effective exercises in yoga in the breathing exercise which contains significant health benefits and can cure many diseases.

It is the ancient practice which connects the mind,body and soul with the help of controlled breathing and meditation.There are different breathing exercises that helps in maintaining good health of the body and clears the airways.

Importance of breathing for health improvement;

  1. Reduction the the level of stress– deep breathing exercises helps in reducing the stress.When you feel very stressed just take deep breaths for 10 minutes this will not only provide relaxation but gradually decreases the level of stress in your mind.
  2. Controlling blood pressure-A continuous yoga practice helps in controlling the blood pressure through good circulation of blood and oxygenation in the body.
  3. Curing Asthma-Yoga breathing exercises helps in overcoming the problems of respiratory system and is a good controller of asthma problems.It also improves the level of stamina in the body.
  4. Reduction in body pain-Many a times doctors tells their patient to take deep breathe especially to the pregnant women this is because taking deep breaths releases endorphins from the body which helps in fighting pains.
  5. Maintaining metabolism-Balanced metabolism helps in maintaining good health of the body,Keeps the weight hunger under control.Breathing exercises helps in creating efficient metabolism for proper body growth and fitness.
  6. Mental benefits-Apart from having physical benefits breathing exercises also contains mental benefits like providing mental calmness,reduces stress,provides inner peace and generates body awareness which helps you to know your body better.

Yoga helps in detoxification of the body which improves the red blood cells inside the body.Increases the energy level and stamina in the body.helps in keeping the weight under control and contains various emotional benefits to.Indulging yourself in regular yoga practices is very beneficial for your physical as well as mental health.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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