Facts about AIDS, its prevention and cure

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is one of the major disease prevailing all over the world.AIDS is caused by the virus called Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome or HIV.The disease decreases the effectiveness of the immune system and finally makes the person hihgly vulnerable to tumors and various infections.

Here lies some facts about AIDS that you should know-

-History and origin: It is said that the disease originated from chimpanzee  in Democratic Republic of Congo during a hunting program in 1930.The term AIDS was first coined in early 1980s and was introduces globally.It was believed that the disease occurs only to homosexuals but later it was found that the infection can also occur to heterosexuals.

-HIV and AIDS: HIV is the virus which causes the dreaded disease AIDS inside the body of any individual infecting the cells of the immune system .Usually AIDS is said to be the advanced stage of HIV where the body is infected by 20 opportunistic HIV related cancers.

-Mother to child transmission: AIDS can be transferred from mother to child, but the current conditions indicates that it can be avoided completely with the help of preventive measures and medicines.Another way to avoid the transmission is to opt for replacement feeding methods and limiting the process of breast feeding.

-Area of prevalence: Africa is the country which have the highest incidence of HIV infections. Other than this many regions of Asia Na Eastern Europe and India have strong numbers of HIV infected people.

Prevention to HIV/AIDS-

HIV infections can regularly be diagnosed through blood testing before the transfusion of blood or in case of pregnancy lab tests.It is important to know about the early symptoms of HIV/AIDS which includes fever, headache,tiredness,diarrhea and enlargement of lymph nodes in neck, groin.

Some other symptoms include-

-Night Sweats

-Weight loss

-Intense tiredness


-Depression,memory loss

-Diarrhea that lasts for many days.

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