Yoga poses to cure sleep problems

If getting the night sleep is becoming difficult for you , then yoga is the better option.Insomnia is a common disorder now a days.Practicing various types of yoga can help relaxing your mind and body for better sleep.

Additionally, stretching and deep breathing exercises regulate better flow of blood to the brain and also improves the oxygen supply to the brain.

Yoga poses that can be practiced to improve sleep are-

Savasana:Lie down your body straight on the mat.Place your hands and feet in outward direction with palms facing close your eyes and make your mind drift from the top of your head to the feet.Relax your body while doing this activity.

Uttanasana: It reduces the stress and relieve your mind.Stand straight in front of your bed with your hands placed on your hips.Now do the process of deep inhaling and exhaling, bend your body from the hips till your head lie on the bed.If it creates problem then use some pillows .Breathe deeply gain,lifting your kneecaps up.Be in the posture as long as possible.

Pranayam: You need t o sit straight and perform a controlled breathing.Be in crossed legged position and starts inhaling and exhaling.While doing this take your mind to some other thoughts.Repeat the process for 5-6 breathing activity and then relax.

Viparita Karani: Lie on the mat, and slowly move your legs up the wall, your back on the mat.Put your arms on the floor with palms facing upwards..Close your eyes and stretch your heels upwards.Take deep breathes while doing this yoga.

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