Your Health Reflects Your Mother Diet During Pregnancy

If you are unhealthy or suffering from health problems it doesn’t means that your diet is not good or you are not caring yourself properly. It may be your mother mistake at the time of her pregnancy of bad diet.

According to a research by University Of Cambridge tells mothers who take an unhealthy diet during pregnancy have an increased risk of health problems in their child later in life .

“What is most exciting about these findings is that we are now starting to really understand how nutrition during the first nine months of life spent in the womb shape our long term health by influencing how the cells in our body age,” said Susan Ozanne, (the senior author on the paper and a senior fellow from the Institute of Metabolic Science at the University of Cambridge)




According to the researchers environmental factors interact with genes throughout life, affecting the expression of those genes and, consequently, tissue function and disease risk. Diet a women take during her pregnancy, has been cited as one such environmental factor.

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