Alcoholic women suffers brain damage

A new research has shown that women who are addicted to alcohol may suffers from brain damage.The high contents of alcohol effects the serotonin system of women’s brain more faster than in men.

Alcohol reduces the normal functioning of serotonin in women’s brain.The serotonin system in women brain is effected within four years of drinking as compared in men, which takes twelve years.

The serotonin system is responsible for controlling the mood and the impulses.The research is performed by some Swedish scientists at the Department of Psychology and the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The research was carried on a group of people consisting of men and women.Neuroendocrine techniques were used to identify the reals side-effects of alcohol in both the gender.

The final conclusion shows that both men and women suffers from the consequences of high alcohol intake but the problem effects the women first compared to men.

The damage caused by the high contents of alcohol is really serious but the research results also revealed that the brain after some period of time is able to heal the damage, if alcohol intake is relinquished.

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