Cocaine addiction is due to abnormality of brain

A new research has found that the intake of Cocaine is due to the  abnormality in the frontal lobe of the brain structure.

The research led by Karen Ersche at the University of Cambridge scanned the brains of 120 people out of which half people depend on cocaine.

The research shows that cocaine users have comparatively less Grey matter than the people who do not consume cocaine which is  directly associated with the duration of their cocaine addiction.

Ersche says “This research gives us important insight into why people are more vulnerable to drug addiction .Not only is this important for the future  development of more efcetive therapeutic interventions for people who have become dependent on drugs, it will also inform improved strategies to prevent drug addiction in the first place.”

Ersche also commented that the outcome of the research is a big breakthrough for the treatment of many people who try to fight for their addiction.

The study was published in the journal Brain.

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