Dental Health: Causes and Prevention to Bad Breath

Bad Breath is caused basically by two  main reasons :first is the daily oral hygiene and second is the gastrointestinal health.Dentists always recommend that if one is suffering from bad breadth then one should make sure that he/she is eating the right food and brushing properly after every meal.

Bad breath,medically termed as Halitosis,may also be the sign of bad health.In order to avoid bad breadth one should brush and floss teeth properly so as to remove food particles that remain in the mouth which results in bacterial growth between teeth and around the gums.Smoking and chewing tobacco also causes bad breadth,reduce ability to taste foods,stain teeth and also irritate gums.

Bad Breath can occur due to:

-Bad breadth may be the cause or warning of gum disease(periodontal disease).If gum disease goes untreated then it may damage the jawbones and gums.

-Poor fitting of Dental appliances,infection of yeast in mouth.

Dry mouth(Xerostomia) can also cause bad breadth,so Saliva plays  a very important role to moisten and cleans the mouth by neutralizing acids and wash away dead cells that accumulate on the tongue.

-Some of the respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia,chronic sinus infection,diabetes,chronic acid reflux or kidney problems may be the causes for bad breadth.

Foods to prevent bad breadth:

-Get on chewing halitosis-fighting herbs such as : Spearmint,Coriander,eucalyptus,cardamom,rosemary.

-Fiber rich fruit such as :Apple,Carrots,Celery are best for fighting Halitosis.

-Eating Citrus fruits,berries and Vitamin-C foods resist bacteria growth and prevents gum diseases and gingivitis.

-Yogurt for each day reduces level of odor causing hydrogen sulfide,American Dietetic Association(ADA) also recommends intake of sufficient Vitamin D from Yogurt,cheese and milk.

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