Eating fish cuts Alzheimer’s risk

A new research says that fish rich diet  prevents the risk of developing the serious disease, the Alzheimer’s.Fish is rich in vitamin and omega-3 acids which lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.Alzheimer is becoming a major disease effecting about 35000 people in Ireland.

People who include fish rich in fat such as mackerel, sardines and salmon and other such foods like nuts, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables stops the development of the disease risk to a large extent.

Researchers says that people could develop the status of their diet to more healthy level by just a slight change in their diet.In case of Alzheimer’s disease, people can prevent their loss of memory and keep their  brain sharp by involving lots of vitamins and healthy fats in their diet.

Fishery diet not only prevents Alzheimer’s disease but also cut risk of heart diseases such as heart attack  and other types of diorder like blindness.

Dr Simon Ridley, the head of the research  at Alzheimer’s Research UK said that Alzheimer’s is the type of disease could  also increase the risk of stroke, dementia ad heart diseases.The only way to escape from such health disorders and diseases is to maintain a well balanced diet and include lots of fruits and vegetables, avoid bad eating, exercise regularly and keep the blood pressure and cholesterol at optimum levels.

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