Go Green to improve mental health

A recent study on mental health has unveiled the fact that five minutes of walk and exercise in the park helps improving the mental health.Activities like working in the backyard garden in any green space reduces stress and change the mood and boosts self esteem.

The researchers Jules Pretty and Jo Barton explained about the study that exercising in a park is a sort of physical activity amid nature , which reduces health risks, mental illness and improves the well-being sense.

From the study done on 1252 people ,of different mental status and ages the authors analyzed that presence of greenery and nature gives a positive effect on human mental health.

Activities like walking, boating,gardening, fishing,horse-riding,farming contributes a lot in changing the health mentally as well as physically.

Pretty further said that the presence of water in the surrounding area is an additional factor for positive mental status, as combination of green and blue serves a lot better for health.

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