Less sleep linked with improper development of brain

According to a a latest research less sleeping habits of adolescents effects their health in negative ways.

Taking less sleep restricts proper growth of the body in addition it results in the depletion of brain working and creates communication problems to.The brain is very badly affected with less amount of sleep and the consequences can be very harmful in future.

Children are usually use to ignore their sleeping time as they are busy in their own world in the adolescence age which results in negative after effects.

Mental illness takes its first step at the age of adolescence but at the later time causes remains hidden.The national mental health institutions claims that both parents and children are unaware of the fact that mental illness is he cause of inadequate sleep which is once ignored in child’s earlier ages.

The very important and sensitive period when the changes takes place in the brain is the adolescent age.This age needs proper care and attention about some important facts and ideas.But due to some reasons there is a failure in understanding such small things that after wards becomes a matter of great problem.

Lot of things comes in the brain which it develops and eliminates to.A selection procedure gets started  in a child’s mind which he has to analyze and make proper decisions,But due to carelessness towards sleeping habits mind gets diverted towards weakness and tiredness which accounts in the half development of brain.

The scientist says that proper sleep is very necessary for children as during the sleeping hours the brain prepare the child for the next wakefulness which will bring strength and positive experience for the next day.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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