Pregnancy exersises : Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

A recent study has found that the to-be moms ,if exercise regularly will have baby with healthy hearts.The more similar studies when published earlier and showed that regular exercising strengthen fetus heart control, maximum pregnant women hit the ground running literally.

Some of them also joined yoga classes and others did aerobic activities in their daily life.The research was done by Linda E.May, an exercise physiologist and anatomist at Kansas University of Medicine and Bio sciences and examined the fatal heart development for the past four years.

She says “It is my hope that these findings will show that efforts focused on improving health need to start during pregnancy ratherĀ  than chidhood.Most of the focus today is on school age children but interventions should be focused long before that.”

She further says that not only mother’s health is improved and maintained but also give their babies a good and healthier start.

The study results will be presented at the Experimental Biology 2011 annual meeting in Washington D.C.


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